Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga is ideally suited for pregnancy as a means of preparing the body and mind for the months ahead, and the birth of your child.

It reduces stress and anxiety, increasing flexibility, stamina and strength. It relieves and nourishes, conserving vital energy and so much more. Yoga is based on the eastern concept of "less is more" with the benefits of stretching based on slowness of movement and holding a position.

Yoga can alleviate many of the common pregnancy discomforts and improve sleep.

Importantly, yoga gives the opportunity to find friendship and support and to give pregnant women time out of busy lives to connect with their body, pregnancy, their baby and their breath.

For our yoga courses you need to bring a yoga mat, birthing ball, a cushion, and blanket. If you don't have a mat / ball please let me know and one can be provided. Also remember to bring water/drink.

If you are unable to make all the classes, you are welcome to carry a class over provided you give notice, no later than 24 hours before the class begins.  Otherwise there is a charge.

Saturday Course

Courses run on  a rolling basis.

This course is a yoga class specifically tailored for the needs of women in pregnancy.


When: Saturday 9:50 - 11:10 AM

Where: Van der Veerelaan 53. 1181 RA Amstelveen.

Cost: €90 for 5 classes (inclusive 21% VAT)





Tuesday COmbination Course

For those with a flexible work schedule, or who are on maternity leave, this unique course offers

  • 55 minutes of yoga, to stretch and practice relaxation and breathing techniques,

  • 40 minutes of childbirth preparation

  • 25 minutes of social time to get to know each other over tea and cake.

When: Tuesday 10:30- 12:30pm

Where: Van der Veerelaan 53. 1181 RA Amstelveen.

Cost: €140 for 5 classes (inclusive 21% VAT)

You can also sign up for both courses for the reduced rate of €215 (inclusive 21% VAT)